Friday, November 18, 2011


We take it for granted. It surrounds us every day until around 6 or 7pm (unless your in NYC right now, where the buildings are blocking all sunlight and our days are seeming to darken before 5, sending many straight to therapists, distraught and depressed, but I digress...).

    Light and the lens go hand in hand. Wether you are using a still camera or motion picture camera, light is always the main component in the quality and clarity of your image.

    There are a few basic things to learn about lighting that will help you function behind whatever lens is your personal lens-a-holic preference.
   I'm working on lighting tutorials mentioned below and they will be available asap.

* The Basics of Photographic Exposure
* Mastering the Meter..The Lighting Meter that is..
* Using Natural Light in Photography
* Basic Cinematic Lighting Techniques

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