Friday, January 20, 2012

LENS-A-HOLIC: Year in Review- 2011

I'm a little late on a 2011 recap but hey, it's still only January so bear with me. Friends, family and adventures that are left out of this recap don't feel bad-I'm just going to stick to Lens-a-holic related topics to keep this from hitting some sort of longest  blog ever award.

*January brought with a new position freelancing as an intern for the Photo department at Health Magazine. I was brought there through an amazing photo editor I'd worked with before at Fitness magazine and I was super lucky to get a lot of experiences, work countless shoots  and gain exposure to different aspects of this industry this year.

My view at the office

Fashion Shoot

View at a Studio Shoot in Chelsea

On Location Shoot, Upstate NY

Assisting fashion stylist with endless jewelry

Studio Beauty Shoot

Free Set Food- mmm

 *I shot a few different projects in this winter, despite the cold, I tortured this couple, insisting they stand in snow piled high to their knee's until I got the right shot- I think they forgave me when they got their pictures though. ;)
Rosemary And Jared-nearing Hypothermia but cute!
    *One of my new years resolution's was to at least enter one film festival. My friend Natalie Zamora( a VERY talented animator—look out pixar!) and I both saw a flyer for Campus Movie Fest ( a nationwide short film contest for college students) and spontaneously decided to go for it...despite the fact it coincided with midterms and we would only have two days to work on it.
I remember walking home deliriously tired after editing with Nat for about 10 hrs straight after a day of shooting and thinking we needed to find a new passion..but alas, no such luck- still love it. :)
Being Cool Kids at The Screening

                                                                                     Yep, apparently we CAN

*I experimented with my first multi-medium installion and mixed photography, sculpture and poetry together.
 Installation on Body Shape Effecting Self Worth  

Oh yeah- I did a performance art
using coke cans as instruments.
       *I met the Oscar nominated documentary filmmaker, Immy Humes and she is amazing and let me intern for her in the summer despite the fact that I couldn't commit for long due to working at the magazine and taking summer classes at two different schools. I learned a lot from her in a few short months, and got to work on doc shoots-operating the boom mic, filming and editing.
waiting to board the train in brooklyn, headed to help transcribe a doc shoot
           *I fell in love with the Continuing Ed program at the School of Visual Arts, despite still taking undergraduate courses. I was able to take a very affordable Studio Lighting/Advertising Course. Learned lights, creativity, and perfectionism.

Taking beauty still on a 4x5 camera

        *My favorite Hunter college course I took this summer was a Screenwriting class. It was amazing and I fell in love with it more than I thought I would- it helped that the professor treated the students like professionals in my opinion. I respect when a course is more about the process and product and grades are not known till the end.
a final draft and a classmates baked goods.
*During a visit home I discovered I love underwater photo shoots!
Model- Amy McGaughey

*I finally got my website together and shortly after
got invited by a former professor to give a talk for Hunter college faculty about creating an online presence

*A friend of mine is a fashionista who works for Dolce and Gabana and needed images
 for her fashion blog so I dug through 
her armani filled closet and we put together some posh looks.
She also posted my work on her uh-mazing blog

       *While taking Film production 1 I learned the joy's and drama of working with old fashion motion picture camera's and working with 16mm film as assistant camera, director of photography and director.
Light meter and Footage Log

Lighting and Arriflex Setup

A 16mm short I directed

               * I hosted a few times at the live TV station at Mount Sinai Children's for hospital patients but put most of my volunteering time into starting up and experimenting with a Therapeutic photography group and bedside time for kids, teens and young adults.

*I learned how to make and use a green screen!
"plugged in" with green screen

*Decided to start doing VO and performing in my own little shorts. Easy way to solve casting problem, very cathartic.

* I was lucky enough to go to some amazing museums and gallery shows this year:
( couldn't take pics of the actual show, but here is the lobby)

Performance Art at the Hunter College
MFA show

The Moma
The Whitney

The Children's Museum 
(Don't hate- it. is.awesome. ;) )

  *And last but not least since I had completed a complete documentary proposal, budget and all, I decided to apply to the Sarah Jacobson Film grant on December 31st- one final lens-a-holic activity for the year 2011!

Still awaiting results..

Here's to 2012!!!!

Lens-a-holic Love <3,


  1. I mean, it's one thing to hear about all these things you're doing throughout the year, but it's crazy to see it all listed out in one place! How did you even find time to sleep? Oh that's didn't. ;-) I love you, Molly, and I'm so proud of what you're doing with your life and with your many talents!!

  2. Ashlee!
    Your comment made my day. I love you too!